Ugram Movierulz | Ugram 2023 Telugu Movie Detailed Review starring Allari Naresh, Mernaa Menon


Ugram Movie Review: Allari Naresh's film has a brand image as a carafe address for comedy. But for some time now this comedy hero has changed his route and is coming out with films with content. Recently, Allari Naresh introduced himself to the film Nandi. After getting a good response to this movie, he continued the same trend and made the movie Ugram. 

Allarodu, who showed that he is going to show an intense thriller to the audience with the teaser and trailer, has recently moved forward at the box office. Allari Naresh played the role of a powerful police officer in Ugram. And, what is the story of this is the movie..let's know these features now.


Ugram Movie Story:

Allarodu is a sincere police officer. Easily solves many complicated cases. He loves and marries heroine Mirna Menon. A baby is born to them. At a time when their life is going smoothly like this, Allari Naresh's family gets into an accident. Manodi's memory is lost in this accident. Moreover, the wife and child also disappear. 

Many people disappear in the city like the wife and child of the rioter. The reason for this disappearance is the human trafficking gang in the city... How did Allari Naresh check the activities of this gang? What are the challenges faced by him in this sequence...This is a Ugram movie.

Ugram Movie Actors Performance:

This movie is a riotous one-man show. Because the whole story of the movie revolves around a riot. Allarinaresh gave an outstanding performance as CI Sivakumar. The audience does not get the feeling that Allari Naresh is a comedy hero while watching the film. He transformed himself so much. And Mirna, who played the role of his wife, did justice to her role. Also, Indraja also impressed with her mark performance in the role of a doctor. The rest of the actors also acted well in their scope.


Ugram Movie Technical Team:

the story written by director Vijay is good. He also directed the story well. Although the beginning of the movie seems a bit the story progresses, the director takes the audience forward without boring them anywhere. The way the hero solves the mystery, the twists in the story, and the way of investigation are pleasing to the audience. Also, the background score and production values have also raised the level of the film. 

Overall, Allari Naresh, who scored commercial success with his debut film, is also scoring another huge hit with his recent movie Ugram. A mass audience as well as those who like thriller movies will definitely like this movie..because Allarodu gives a different experience. This is a guarantee..we can expect different movies from Allari Naresh in the spirit of this movie.

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