Shaakuntalam Movierulz | Shaakuntalam 2023 Telugu Movie Detailed Review, Staring Samantha and Directed by Gunasekhar


Shaakuntalam Movie Review in Telugu: Shakuntalam is the latest movie starring Samantha in the lead role. Sakunthalam is expected to be the first lady-oriented movie like Yashoda to feature Samantha, this movie is directed by Gunasekhar and Allu Arjun's daughter Allu Arha is making her Tollywood debut with this movie. Malayalam actor Dev Mohan played the role of Dusyanthu while Mohan Babu, Prakash Raj, Madhubala, and Gauthami played other key roles. 

This movie, which has been postponed many times, is going to be released worldwide in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi languages in a few hours. But the film unit, which has already done a special premiere for the common audience, has now done a special show for the media. In this context, reviews are coming out one by one. Let's find out how the movie is in the review

The Story of Shakuntalam:

The story of Shakuntala begins with the birth of Shakuntala. Indra uses Menaka to break Vishwamitra's penance and makes them both fall in love. Shakuntala is born as a symbol of their love. But Menaka, being a nymph, had to go to Devaloka and handed over her child to the birds of Shakuntala. Kanva Maharishi (Sachin Kedkar) sees Shakunta growing up to take care of the birds and adopts her as his adopted daughter. Dusyanthu (Dev Mohan) falls in love with Shakuntala (Samantha), who grew up in the Kanwa Ashram, at first sight.


Later Gandharva marries her and becomes physically united. But Dusyantha, who went from the ashram to the kingdom saying that he would take her away with loud shouts as a prince, never came back. In the end, sage Kanva sends Shakuntala to Dushyanta, and with the curse of Durvasa, Dusyantha says that he does not know who Shakuntala is. Shakuntala, who was deeply humiliated in the full house, leaves and gives birth to Bharathu (Allu Arha). How did Shakuntala and Dusyantlu meet after that? How was Durvasu's curse freed? This movie is about what happens in the end.

Shaakuntalam Movie Analysis:

Gunasekhar has already announced that this is not a newly written story, this movie is based on the book Abhignana Sakunthalam written by Kalidasa. But what Gunasekhar has done is bring it to the present generation audience. Gunasekhar focused on beautifying places like the Kanva Maharshi Ashram and the Himalayas. In fact, Gunasekhar is known to be good at settings and computer graphics. Even though it is a familiar story, Gunasekhar tried to make the beautiful locations more beautiful by choosing this plot.

Purana does not leave much room for changes and additions. A few dialogues were changed and written for cinematic freedom, but there are no records of changing the knowledge base. But since this movie is a mythological story, the chances of connecting with today's generation are less. Also, the dialogues are completely in the scriptural language, so you get the feeling that you are watching a mythological movie. Even though it is said to be a mythological subject, there were no conditions for the audience to fully immerse themselves.


But the 3D effects added an extra right touch to the movie. The stunning visuals make the 3D more interesting and mesmerize the audience. The entire first part shows things like Shakuntala's birth and Dusyant falling in love with Shakuntala. And in the second part, the distance between Dusyant and Shakuntala and the consequences of bringing them together are shown. In the middle of the story, the battle between the gods and the demons is interesting. But the audience will immediately understand that everything is computer graphics.

Shaakuntalam Movie Actors Performance:

And when it comes to actresses, Samantha fully lived the role of Shakuntala. However, it feels a bit dry as it is self-dubbing. In the past Chinmay used to dub for her, getting used to her voice and Samantha's own voice also sounds a bit dry. And Dev Mohan acted in his own style as Dusyanthu. Allu Arha looks worthy only in the last quarter of an hour, but seeing her gives energy to the entire film. Sachin Kedkar, Prakash Raj, Gauthami, Ananya, and Nagalla Siva Balaji who played the remaining roles impressed with their own style and the scope of their roles.

Shaakuntalam Movie Technical Team:

When it comes to technical aspects, Gunasekhar as a director tried to make his own mark. He was mostly successful in that. But it goes without saying that the fate of this film will depend on the extent to which his chosen subject connects with today's generation. Gunasekhar did not seem to miss the mark. The dialogues given by Sai Madhav Burra were impressive. Mani Sharma's songs went in mesmerizing style.

However, the complete visual effects are an additional attraction of the movie and are also the main strength of the movie. There is no doubt that only 3D and visual effects will take the movie to the next level. Cinematographer Shekhar Joseph's work is visible throughout the film. Even on the editing table, the entire team seemed to be fully focused. The production values are also suitable for the level of the film.

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