Ravanasura Movierulz | Ravanasura 2023 Telugu Movie Detailed Review


Ravanasura Movie Review: Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja's latest movie is 'Ravanasura'. The first time he played a role with negative shades, the audience became interested in the film. After a solid commercial success like 'Dhamaka', this is Ravi Teja's solo hero film. In between is the success of 'Waltheru Veeraya'. How is 'Ravanasura' (Ravanasura Review) released amid expectations?

Ravanasura Movie Plot

Ravindra (Ravi Teja) is a junior to criminal lawyer Kanaka Mahalakshmi (Faria Abdullah). Harika (Megha Akash) comes to him and asks him to take up her father's case. She is the CEO of a big pharma company. Evidence includes videos of a man being murdered by her father at the resort. He (Sampat Raj) says that he did not commit the murder and does not remember what happened on the night of the actual murder. 


Few such murders happen in the city. The city commissioner will be assassinated. Harika is raped and murdered. Who is behind the serial killings? Why do the police go to Saket (Sushant)? Who is he What did ACP Hanumanthurao (Jayaram) who will be retiring in two months investigate this case? It should be seen on the silver screen.

Ravanasura Movie Analysis:

If we tell the story briefly... there are some serial murders in the city. Who made them? why did it a movie? Anything beyond that will be a spoiler. Director Sudhir Varma says in the trailer a bigger spoiler than that. 'He is not a criminal lawyer... a criminal who studied law' - this one dialogue contains the whole story. What can't be said more than that! 

The beginning of 'Ravanasura' is interesting. At first, the comedy scenes seem okay. Then who is doing the murder? After knowing that, director Sudhir Verma dealt well with some scenes. But... there is only one doubt. Is it so easy to commit murders like beating mutton? That! In the original movie, starting to ending... there is no logic anywhere. If the major twist is revealed after the interval... It seems that we have already seen such movies in Telugu. Ravi Teja's credit goes beyond the routine story, narration, and scenes to make the screen watchable. He showed different acting and attitude.

Sudhir Varma movies have good title songs and theme songs. The way 'Ravanasura' theme song has picturized it is good. 'Dikka Dishyum' by Bheems Music is ok. The rest of the songs are soso. Background music by Harshavardhan Rameshwar is okay. Re-recording was done in the scenes showing villainy. The cinematography is good. Production values are okay.



Ravanasura Movie Actors Performance

Ravi Teja means clever. He did serious roles like Vikram Singh Rathore and roles with performance scope in movies like 'Shambho Shiva Shambho'. In 'Ravanasura', however, serious villainy was shown. He did his own style of comedy. Dances were done. But... the highlight is Ravi Teja's villainy! Before his performance, the audience's gaze does not fall on the other artists. 

Meanwhile, 'Hyper' Adi and Faria Abdullah did well in some scenes with Ravi Teja. The importance given to Sushant's role at the start will not be there later. However, his styling is good. As far as the scope of the role is concerned, he has done well as an actor. Megha Akash, Anu Emmanuel, Poojita Ponnada, Navya Swamy, etc. They appear in some scenes as character artists.

Finally what? : Ravanasura is a movie that gives you the feeling that you are going to watch a good action thriller. Ravi Teja hit as an actor. The movie itself is Doute!

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