Rangamarthanda Movierulz | Rangamarthanda 2023 Telugu Movie Detailed Review


Rangamarthanda Movie Review: It is known that the film Rangamarthanda directed by Krishnavamsi is a remake of the movie Natasamrat which came out in Marathi. But for the first time in his career, Krishnavamshi, who is remaking, experimented with giants like Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, and Ramyakrishna. And this movie came before the audience today (March 22). How is this movie? Let's have a look at the story, stories, and performance of the actors.

Rangamarthanda Movie Story:

Rangamarthanda Raghavrao (Prakash Raj) bids farewell to his stage acting career. He fulfills his responsibilities at home too. He bequeaths his acquired property to his son Ranga Rao (Adarsh) and Sri (Sivatmika). He wants to live a comfortable and happy retirement life. 

What are the circumstances faced by Ranga Rao who did not even hide a single chilli from his face? What is the role of Chakradhar (Brahmanandam) in Ranga Rao's life? What is the story of Raghavrao's daughter-in-law (Anasuya)? How did the man who called his wife Raju Garu (Ramya Krishna) stand with her? Why did Ranga Rao end up without any direction? Why should Ranga Rao stay away from the younger children? What happened to Ranga Rao in the end? That is the story.


Rangamarthanda Movie Actors Performance:

It cannot be said that this person's performance is special in the movie Rangamarthanda. Everyone competed. Each and every one of them has done well in each scene. Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam make the audience cry. Ramyakrishna sometimes speaks with eye contact. 

Moves So these three have taken this movie to another level. All three of them survived Rangamarthanda. Acted. Then there are the roles to be told. One of them is the character of Kodali. Anasuya seems to act very naturally in the role of Kodali. Rahul, Sivatmika, and Adarsh have all acted well in their respective roles.

Rangamarthanda Movie Analysis:

Rangamarthanda said many great things in the movie. They showed the richness of language, the influence of foreign languages, and the value of the mother tongue. They showed our culture and traditions. Above all, he showed how to take care of parents and how not to take care of them. 

Krishnavamshi once again proved that he is a master at showing emotions on screen. The intensity of Krishnavamsi films is seen in this too. In many places, Krishnavamshi makes everyone cry. moves Makes you think. How are children behaving now, how are parents being neglected? He showed that. None of the children are bad in this. 


Circumstances make them so. He naturally showed that people change because of those circumstances. But how do parents think about their children.. How do they take care of their parents when those children grow up and get married?.. The dialogue with Brahmanandam saying that he is very unhappy about not having more children feels very deep.

Although the movie is a bit fun in the first half, the second half makes the heart heavy. Pre-climax and climax, however, you have to shed tears. If the scenes between Brahmanandam and Prakash Raj are together... Prakash Raj's emotional scene in the climax is another height. The way Krishnavamsi mixed the scenes of Ramyakrishna, Prakash Raj, and Brahmanandam feels amazing. In keeping with the actors, Ilayaraja took their emotions to another level with his RR. The songs are catchy. Words are thought-provoking. The cinematography is beautiful. The production values are great.

Rating 3.5

Bottom line: Rangamarthanda.. can you stay without shedding tears?

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