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Kabza Movie Review: After KGF and Kantara, the big films coming from Kannada are attracting attention from all languages of the country. No special introduction is needed about the real star Upendra. Upendra's latest Kannada Pan India film is 'Kabzaa'. With a top star cast like Sudeep, Shivraj Kumar, Shriya, and Murali Sharma, this movie has good expectations not only in Kannada but also in Telugu. And how is the movie?

Kabzaa Movie Story

This movie takes place between 1945 to 1975. Arkeswara (Upendra) aims to become a pilot. His father dies during the freedom movement. Mother (Sudha) raises him hard. Arkeswara also has an elder brother Sankeswara. Amarapuram princess Madhumathi (Sriya) and Arkeswara fall in love. But Veera Bahadur (Murali Sharma), the Maharaja of Amarapuram, Madhumati's father, wants to marry off his daughter to a royal family member. 

Due to Anna's unexpected death, the mild-mannered Arkeswara has to take the sword. What happened after that? What are the roles of police officers Bhargav Bakshi (Sudeep) and Shivraj Kumar who played an unknown role in this story? You have to watch the movie to know that.

Kabza Movie Analysis

The adage 'foxes cower at the sight of a tiger' applies to any film industry in the country. We have seen in the past that if a film becomes an eye-catching blockbuster and a trendsetter, more films are released in the same vein. Some of them were hits. Some are broken. Also, the movie 'Kabza' came out completely as a parody of KGF.


The film starts with Sudeep narrating Upendra's story in the style of Accham KG. First, Sudeep's introduction, then a flashback, then Upendra's entry, Shriya's entry... all these scenes were stacked without regard to the flow of the story. There is nothing new in the story. It's the story of how a mild-mannered, common man who stays away from fights rises to become a tough mafia don. 

We have been seeing similar stories since Basha came. These include blockbusters and bucket-kickers. That's all it takes to tell a story. The ending of the movie is also very absurd. They left the story in the middle, put an end card in the middle of the action scene, and watch the rest in 'Kabza 2'. 

It is true that the trend of sequels and cinematic universes is running now, but the audience was not even prepared by telling them that this is the first part. With this, even if Shivraj Kumar's powerful cameo gives a good high, we will come out of the theater a little out of breath.

Kejiuf-style sets, Kejiuf-style background music, Kejiuf-style editing pattern... No matter how much you want it, the flavor of Kejiuf will stick at every step. Ravi Basrur seems to have given the tunes that he had scored in addition to Kejief for 'Kabza'. The title song of 'Kabza Kabza' reminds me of the song 'Salam Rocky Bhai'. Better not to talk about VFX. being very inferior. Even in editing, he followed Kejief completely. Some of the story.


Murali Sharma's character seems a bit awkward for as long as he is on screen. Because he was dubbed with another person. It is not set properly. Also, after listening to Sudeep's voice in Rona with Eega and Vikram, now if another person is dubbing, the impact is not seen. It would have been better if they had given their own dubbing when the Telugu actors were cast in the film.

Kabza Movie Actors Performance:

Everyone knows how great an actor Upendra is. But due to the character in this, he didn't get a chance to show more emotions than just anger and pain. Sudeep will appear in two scenes and Shivraj Kumar in one scene. Shriya got a good role in the form of Madhumati. His performance in some scenes is impressive. Sudha acted well as Upendra's mother. Kota Srinivasa Rao was limited to one or two shots only.

Overall...if you think the tone of a movie like 'KGF' is enough, you can watch 'Kabja' regardless of the movie. If you want to see it in OTT, this week you will save your pocket from being 'possessed'.

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