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Writer Padmabhushan

Writer Padmabhushan Review: Suhas entered the cinema as a comedian and then became a hero with 'Color Photo'. Moreover, he acted as a psycho in 'Family Drama' which came out two years ago, and as a villain in 'Hit-2' which came out at the end of last year. 

'Writer Padmabhushan' is a film where Suhas acted as a 100 percent comedy hero. Produced by Anurag Reddy, Sarath Chandra, and Chandra Manohar, Shanmukha Prashanth made his debut as a director through this film.

Coming to the story… Born and brought up in Vijayawada, Padmabhushan (Suhas) dreams of becoming a great writer. Father is a government employee and the mother is a housewife. Unbeknownst to them, he borrows lakhs with the help of a friend, writes a book titled 'Tholi Patti', and publishes it himself. 

Unable to sell it, Nana turns around. He works as an assistant librarian in a library to pay interest on the loan. After reading a novel written by Padmabhushan and getting impressed, Menama thinks to marry his daughter Sarika (Tina Shilparaj). Sarika also feels proud to marry her nephew who is also a great writer. What the film is… it is not a novel written by Padmabhushan. 

Writer Padmabhushan

And who, why, wrote that novel and published it as a book under his name? Also, why are you running a blog with his name? What would have happened if the future father-in-law had known about this? The rest of the story is about Padmabhushan's efforts to find and catch his unknown ghostwriter.

Films being made in the backdrop of Vijayawada have decreased a lot in recent times. Director Shanmukha Prashanth wrote this story taking such a town and its background. In the past, Bejawada was still the center of book publishing. Vijayawada is the month for hundreds of publishing houses. 

Basically the protagonist Bhushan is a writer and the plot is well set since he has to go through many twists and turns to sell his book. The entire first half of the movie is spent with an up-and-coming writer's fight for his name, film freaks to promote his novel, and a few love scenes. 

All the writers connect well with these scenes. But there is a risk of boring the general audience. It seems like it should be stretched too much. In the second half, Bhushan's experiences in searching for a ghostwriter will impress everyone. Even if the twist in the climax is somewhat predictable, the director has shown a small point so sensitively and so brilliantly! 

Writer Padmabhushan

The audience leaves the theater feeling This is not just a movie to be watched with parents as the movie makers want it to be… a movie to be watched with confidence. In this, director Shanmukha Prashanth explores the mind of a middle-class housewife in a touching manner. But… can't say that the rest of us will connect to it like the middle-class audience did!

Suhas is a different style among comedians in Telugu. He has the knack of getting into any role given to him. We can expect more good roles with this method actor. A look at his filmography makes this clear. Not just a good performance in this too... He has done super signature steps in the songs with easy body language. 

Tina Shilparaj has done well in the role of the heroine. Rohini Keraf now addresses middle-class housewife roles! Casting her for the role of Saraswati was the right decision. Also, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ashok Kumar, Goparaju Ramana, Gauri Priya, and others gave good performances. Shekhar Chandra's music and Venkat's cinematography are pleasant. Director Shanmukha Prashanth should be congratulated for taking a small point and presenting it in a cool and clean manner without fuss and shouting.

Plus points

  • A selected story
  • The way said
  • Impressive climax

Minus points

  • Being confined to one category
  • A bit boring first half

Tag line: Writer Padma Bhushan Sannof Saraswati!

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