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Pan India trend now! No matter what language the movie is made in, it is translated and released in other languages. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon in Hindi movie 'Bhediya' (Bhediya Review). It came to Telugu as 'Thodelu' (Thodelu Review). How is this movie released by Allu Aravind? Will Geetha Arts be another dubbing hit after 'Kanthara'? Or?

Thodelu - Bhediya Movie Story: 

Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan) is a contractor. Goes to lay a road in Arunachal Pradesh. He wants to cut down the trees in the forest and complete the road works. He says that it doesn't matter what happens to nature, what matters to him is the money he gets from building the road. 

But... Bhaskar is bitten by a wolf. What happened after that? Heard that a virus is killing people who try to do any harm to the area's nature. What is that virus? Why did Bhaskar, who turned into a wolf, attack people at night? What is the reason? What kind of treatment did Anika (Kriti Sanon) who heals cattle (dumb creatures) give him? What finally happened? is the rest of the movie.

Analysis (Thodelu - Bhediya Movie Review): There is something new in 'Wolf' in terms of story. But, director Amar Kaushik felt a bit hesitant in retelling that story for two and a half hours. It has to be said that no movie has come out with this kind of story in recent times. 


The movie which started interestingly got dragged in the middle. Especially the flag scenes have been stretched further. Instead of being brief, they showed creativity. 'Todelu' has horror, comedy, and thrills. Not only that... He also told about the importance of nature and our forests. However, the question is how much of the audience will understand!

The film begins with a wolf attacking a man. Although those scenes are interesting... the hero's introduction scenes and the song after going to Arunachal Pradesh are bland. The real story started after Varun Dhawan was bitten by a wolf. What happens from there to the interval? The movie went ahead with the suspense. 

Comedy scenes are also good. After the interval, the interest suddenly wanes. After knowing why the changed man who turned into a wolf is attacking some people... what happens next is left to the imagination of the audience. Guessing the twists is not too difficult.

In 'Todelu' the concentration is on comedy and thrills and not on emotions. That's a minus. Therefore, the scenes between the two wolves in the flagship scenes... and some scenes are not connected. The connection between nature and man is not shown properly. That is the origin of the story. Even the role of naturopath, who is more than a hundred years old, has not been properly elevated. More attention should be paid to them.


The cinematography and graphics are good. The beauty of the Arunachal Pradesh region is well shown on the screen. There are no effects as seen in 3D. It's better to see it in 2D than 3D. Only a few scenes where the wolf comes gave a 3D thrill. Music is ok. Songs are good to listen to in Hindi. Telugu lyrics are not well done.

How did the actors do? : Hindi hero Varun Dhawan made commercial hero. Did some serious and dark roles. Did comedy roles. But, it is the first time to do a movie like 'Todelu'. Coming forward to make such a character is commendable. 

Some scenes and dialogues were done without facial expressions. Varun Dhawan has done well in terms of comedy timing in the scenes where he turns into a wolf. Kriti Sanon's look may not be liked by everyone. Abhishek Banerjee and Palin Kabak laughed. 

Deepak Dobriyal's character is remembered by some people. Rajkumar Rao and Aparikshit Khurana made noise in guest roles in the key scenes. Shraddha Kapoor appeared in the song. It is known that the cinematic universe will be created with 'Bhedia' and 'Stree'.

What is the final say? : What if a man turns into a wolf? This concept sounds new! The scenes after the man is bitten by the wolf give a new feeling. Let's forget the logic and see what is happening on the screen. We laugh at some scenes. Let's enjoy. 

That's only until the interval. After that, the movie went down like a roller coaster ride... and up until the Shubham card. The length of the flag scenes gives a long feeling. The movie is good in parts. Failed to give complete satisfaction.

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