The Adam Project 2022

The Adam Project Movierulz

The Adam Project Movierulz is the new action and adventure movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldana that Netflix premieres on March 11.

On March 11, the movie The Adam Project arrives on Netflix, a date strategically chosen to "hover" Father's Day since it develops a family adventure in which parent-child relationships are in the spotlight.

Directed by Shawn Levy, the creator of the hilarious Free Guy, which returns to have Ryan Reynolds in the title role, although he is very well accompanied by Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener, and Mark Ruffalo, as well as newcomer Walker Scobell.

The Adam project takes us to 2050 when time travel has been optimized. Adam Reed ventures back in time on a mission to rescue the woman he loves, Laura, an expert pilot who mysteriously disappeared in his latest time skip.

The Adam Project Movierulz

Her official explanations do not convince him at all, so he does not hesitate to sacrifice everything to try to find her.

However, since Adam takes over a ship illegally and is persecuted for it, he ends up in the wrong era and is trapped in 2022. There, he will only think of turning to those he knows and trusts: the members of his own family.

In this way, he will contact the thirteen-year-old version of him, which will not only help him understand himself better but also relate to his parents differently.

If we talk about the combination of family cinema and fantastic elements such as jumps in time, surely the recent The War of Tomorrow, starring another of the most mediatic actors of the moment, Chris Pratt, comes to mind.

They share many elements such as powerful special effects and a plot in which the generational drama is as present as the comic elements.

In the case at hand, we have to say that there is a very careful production design with spaceships, hooded soldiers, spectacular weapons, and technology that allows drones to be controlled through VR glasses. In short, a very friendly environment for the gaming public.

Having young versions of the same characters makes it necessary to resort to deepfake in the case of the character of Catherine Keener (Kidding)... something that works very well at times (especially in close-ups) and at others generates a grim sidereal. You remember Princess Leia in Rogue One, right? Well here are many more shots and more varied in depth and composition.

Of course, do not expect great boasts of originality in the script, since it is a proposal focused 100% on pure and simple entertainment.

The metalinguistic jokes make it inevitable to name the Terminator as a great referent, but the film takes all the shortcuts it can to avoid time paradoxes and therefore, shakes off the clutter. It almost snaps at the viewer to get out of trouble and enjoy the action and emotion, which are, after all, the great claims to see it.

The chemistry between the characters is very good, both between parents and children and between different temporary versions, although what takes the cake is the timeless love story between Adam and Laura. Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldana get along wonderfully on-screen.

The Adam Project Movierulz

In short, with expectations adjusted to a somewhat formulaic story, The Adam Project satisfactorily provides a good time of evasion in which the violence is quite measured (there is no blood) and the media deployment is quite ambitious, although where the chest the film is in the most intimate aspects of the narrative.

Ryan Reynolds is the center of everything and he gives exactly what is expected of him: his usual charisma and cheeky humor are his trademarks and he also brings out the shine of the wonderful tandem with newcomer Walker Scobell.

Of course, there will be those who consider that the film misses the talent of some of the great performers who meet in the film, but it is also true that each of them has their moment to shine, giving an extra patina to a story that otherwise mode would be quite generic.

ASSESSMENT: Shawn Levy plays it safe with a movie not recommended for children under 13 years of age that has a bit of everything: adventure, science fiction, meta-humor, romance, and captivating characters. Good family cinema to enjoy on dates close to Father's Day.

THE BEST: The quality of the special effects and the fact that it is an unpretentious family adventure film.

THE WORST: Sometimes it gets overly dramatic, something to some extent understandable but with some overflowing moment.

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